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I'm using Acer 4530 with Suyin webcam. The webcam can be detected but not showing anything. Before I start anything, I ran lsof /dev/video0 to make sure nothing is using the camera, and I started Cheese but the screen shows black and nothing.

I execute lsof /dev/video0 again and it shows Cheese is using it. I exited cheese and opened up VLC. The device showed in the playlist but not the image that the camera used to show.

Long time ago, it was running fine, but after that it stop working and then my graphic card are down. After the graphic card fix, the webcam came up again but now it stop working again.

Is there any hardware problem or it's just software problem?

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Hey I have the exact same problem with my Acer, with the Suyin camera. It is detected but show black. It has been working the first three weeks I change to Linux and now it show black. I don't know what to do... Sorry I am not helpful but you are not alone.

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