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Got a Trendnet tew-624UB 300Mbps newer revision wifi usb dongle. Works just fine!

On checking connection information on n etwork manager it shows up as a 150Mbps device using rtl8192cu as a driver. This device is a 300Mbps wifi dongle.

The maximum TX strength is 80% and signal strength 100%...which is just fine! But i have no range?!! Checked with the router touching it and its still 80 % On checking this device with win7 everything is 100% running @ catches 2 floors strong signal but not with ubuntu 12.04! Simply put the "rtl8192cu " is a 150Mbps driver and not 300Mbps.

Is there a 300Mbps driver or an upgrade path for this device that i can use far away from my 300 Mbps router..... it works fine @ 150Mbps but with no range.


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Solved. My blog with other OS too...

Trendnet TEW624UB and Tp-link wn821n have the same chipset. There are many devices which have the same pathetic rtl8192cu wifi chipset.

Apparently, the driver from realtek website is unmaintained and shows up as a 150Mbps driver but is very buggy(already included in kernel). Thanks to Janez troha for maintaining the driver and making it installable for kernel 3.8, 3.10 and as he/she puts it 3.11++.

The rtl8192cu works 24/7 without glitches with the change Janez has made to the source.

You can check with iwconfig or network-manager applet to see the speed of data transfer, it will clearly show it is 300Mbps and NOT 150Mbps.

I hope realtek provides better support for linux.

Further linked to : Installing Workaround RealTek Drivers for EdiMAX, but getting error && Installing Workaround RealTek Drivers for EdiMAX, but getting error

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I use TEW-625BRP, also rated at 300 mbps. I too thought that the rtl8192cu was only 150 mbps, but I downloaded the driver and softare from Realtek website. now BOTH realtek software and Windows networking shows 300 mbps

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