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Possible Duplicate:
I installed ubuntu 11.10 to dual boot but it still boots into windows 7

I burned the latest Ubuntu ISO on a disk, I partitioned my SSD and installed it.

After downloading all the packages and everything it asked me to reboot and take out my CD, then press Enter. I did that.

When it rebooted it started Windows, so I restarted my computer again and hit F11 to bring up the boot options, but the Ubuntu wasn't there.

What do I do?

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Are both Windows, and Ubuntu installed on the SSD? If not, please see if boot order is correct in BIOS (1st drive to look is where Grub was installed). – Takkat Aug 23 '12 at 6:18

Its difficult to understand. You had Windows installed, you burned an ISO image from Windows and you partitioned from Windows, finally you could install Ubuntu without any warning or error?

If you could partitioned it is supposed that you have a ms-dos partition table. That usually means that you don't have recovery partitions or hidden partitions. If so you probably did not installed the Linux boot loader. Think that if you have hidden partitions or recovery partitions made of Windows it is risky to install Linux.

If you really have an ms-dos partition table, then you can try to re-install Ubuntu and be careful to install grub at the master boot of your hard disk, that is the default option for grub.

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