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I've reinstalled Nautilus from the maverick repositories after removing nautilus-elementary and the breadcrumb hacks, but I have no longer access to the "preferences" menu and the default toolbar. How do I reset Nautilus to the default configuration?

Update: I've tried moving both ~/.nautilus and ~/.gconf/apps/nautilus folders as suggested below, but my "Edit" menu is still missing the "Preferences" item. Running the nautilus-file-management-properties applet from the command line I'm still seeing the "Tweaks" tab that nautilus-elementary added.

Solved: My problems where caused by the wrong nautilus-data package being installed. I should have replaced the nautilus-data package along with the nautilus one when removing nautilus-elementary. Before that I should have known there was a nautilus-data package ;-)

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While nautilus is closed type the following in your terminal,

rm -R ~/.gconf/apps/nautilus

It will delete the folder with old settings.

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Just a guess:
Maybe you could try to delete/rename .nautilus folder in your profile:

mv ~/.nautilus ~/.nautilus.bad (rename) or
rm -rf ~/.nautilus (remove)

and then reinstall the nautilus package.

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The ~/.nautilus folder? – RolandiXor Jul 4 '11 at 23:33

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