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I have a group of people who want to access and drop files in the Ubuntu One folder.

I crudely gave everyone my ID and Password to access the files, but there must be a more elegant way for anyone at any time to access or deposit files in the cloud storage.

How do I get each individual access from their own computer?

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Ubuntu One allows you to share folders with others, with the choice of whether or not to allow them to modify the folder.

To share a folder, go to and open the folder you'd like to share (you need not navigate anywhere to share the root directory of your Ubuntu One storage). Then click on Share this folder, enter the emails of those whom you'd like to share with, and check or uncheck Allow modification according to your preference.

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It didn't work, the system just says "loading, please wait...", but nothing happens, and I have to try again after stopping the process(waited for the loading over 3 hrs) – stephen Soares Aug 26 '12 at 22:03

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