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I have an MP4 that I uploaded from my Android to my Ubuntu workstation for editing. What tools can I use on Ubuntu to fade in and out professional-looking text?

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Please do not use "A B C D E F" titles. Give your question a title that tells us what you're asking. – RolandiXor Aug 22 '12 at 18:19
Roland, I do not understand your statement. Can you please explain further? – Volomike Aug 22 '12 at 18:35
your title before I edited was "Text Overlay on Video". That doesn't really tell us what the problem/issue/question is. In fact, I thought you were talking about subtitles in a Video Player or maybe problems with video playback before I read the question. – RolandiXor Aug 22 '12 at 18:38
Oh, so post questions kind of like this is on Jeapordy. Make it a question, not a statement. Sorry -- I didn't notice that I used bad judgment, and I see your point completely. – Volomike Aug 22 '12 at 18:47
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You can use Openshot or Kdenlive to achieve this effect.

Click here to install Openshot:
Install via the software center

Openshot Screen Shot

To add text to your video, go to

  • Title→New Title


  • Title→New Animated Title

in the menu. You can add effects and transitions to Titles as you would to any other component of the video.

Click here to install Kdenlive:*
Install via the software center

Kdenlive Screenshot

You can add a title clip (text) to your video by going to:

  • Project→Add Title Clip

Or you can do it by right clicking on the project tree and clicking "Add Title Clip".

Screenshot of clip window with context menu

As with Openshot, you can add effects and transitions to Title Clips.

*Kdenlive will pull in some KDE dependencies.

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You can also use gstreamer directly to do this.

Here's an example:

gst-launch filesrc location="<Filepath>" ! textoverlay text="Title : Hello" valign=top halign=left ! xvimagesink

There are also lot of other configurable options that you can use.

Hope this helps.

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