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Wacom works pretty much out of the box in Ubuntu(Studio), but pressure sensitivity only works in specific applications, like Gimp.

DeviantArt now has released an online-application, called Muro, that allows one to draw from within your webbrowser! There is a plugin available for Windows and Mac OS, to get pressure sensitivity in Firefox, but not for Linux, hence not for Ubuntu. Muro uses HTML5 technology, but no Flash.

Is there any way to get pressure sensitivity from my Wacom-drawing Tablet into a Web-browser?

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Short answer is no.

In order to provide pressure sensitivity, the browser (or a plugin) would have to hook into the same code (XInput) that drawing applications like Inkscape or the GIMP use. Browsers, like most desktop applications, generally leave input details to the operating system so they only see mouse or keyboard events.

I see that the Muro plugin is a proprietary Wacom application, so I wouldn't expect to see it ported any time soon. However you could open bugs requesting pressure sensitivity in conjunction with HTML5 canvas for the various browsers. As multitouch screens are becoming more important it is increasingly likely someone has been working on at least a plugin that might provide such information.

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openCanvas pressure sensitivity works under Wine, so you may try installing firefox under wine and trying it that way.

I think they've fixed the problem with the Y-axis being inverted, so that may be a way to get it working.

Good luck!

(also, for other drawing applications you may want to try mypaint (my fave) and drawpile)

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