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I'm using Lubuntu on my netbook and I want to change the LightDM greeter so i set the lightdm-webkit-greeter, but my user doesn't have a profile picture.

How I can set my profile picture?.

I have searched on

System > Users and Groups

But I can't find any option for this task.

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The easiest method is to save your profile picture manually.

The steps are as follows:

  • Choose a picture you want to use.
  • Optionally you can create one - preferably with equal dimensions (a square).
  • Save the picture (in .PNG format) as ~/.face.
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agreed, this is the proper way to have your picture come up as the user specified –  Ringtail Aug 21 '12 at 3:47
This doesn't work for me. It still shows the silver chess pawn guy. –  Organic Marble Jan 29 at 4:39
What version of *buntu are you using and what login manager are you using? –  RolandiXor Jan 30 at 4:12

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