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I'm building NAS for my personal use. 3-5 computers as load. Mostly video streaming, upload download of big files 10GB or so(70% of future load), photo editing (20%), office stuff(10%). I'm expecting a big number of files/folders in some folders(1000-5000). I also decided to use this NAS as light duty workstation(for emails, web, news watching) since it will be 24/7 on.

I decided to go with Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit desktop version since server version doesn't have GUI.

I'm going to put at work Adaptec RAID 6805 controller and 24 SAS expander. For start, I'll use 8-3TB HDD in Raid 6 (system will be on separated 64G SSD) with possible future raid expansion.

What will be good filesystem to go with? ext3, ext4, XFS or something different? What gives me the most benefits for my needs?

What about reliability? I read somewhere XFS is not as reliable as ext3, is it myth or reality? Also, what size of blocks should I use on RAID 6 controller?

Please correct me in any statements I did above if wrong. Did I make good choices? I also wanted to mention NAS will mostly work with computers running on Windows OS.

Any input, ideas will be appreciated.

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I would say go with Ext4, since yours is a typical general-purpose mixed-use scenario. It's mature, well-tested, good performance, and has good tools and lots of self-support resources out there, on websites like and, if you every have any problems.

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MythTV's filesystem requirements (streaming, large files etc.) look very similar to what you're describing. They have a wiki page discussing choosing a filesystem for media storage. Their recommendation is

In short, a good choice is ext3 or ReiserFS for your system partitions and JFS or XFS for your MythTV storage. If you have a separate /boot partition, ext2 is a good option, since ext3's journal provides little benefit for a partition of this size but consumes a lot of disk space.

(although the wiki page seems to be quite old and since it's been written ext4 has emerged as another viable contender for a media storage filesystem)

Here's another article comparing XFS and other filesystems, wilh links.

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