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A notifier for all the three if it's possible beside the clock... I'm using Ubuntu 10.04 with Gnome 2.30.2. Thank you.

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for Ubuntu 12.04

You may also like Popper.

Unfortunately the development of Popper was discontinued. Therefore the last version published was for 12.04 LTS.

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Exactly what I want! thank you. – ntn2002dz Dec 18 '10 at 0:23
Popper is officially discontinued. – nobar Nov 18 '14 at 21:30
@nobar thanks for the notice... edited post accordingly. – Takkat Nov 18 '14 at 21:33

Try Pidgin with the webMail Notifier plugin, If Pidgin is too much for just mail notification, then try if mail-notification available in the repositories will work, for mail-notification to work with some Yahoo e-mail accounts you may have to pay for the Yahoo pop3 service.

If you do not yet have a Yahoo account or would like to create another one here is a little tip; When signing up with Yahoo you can select a country that Yahoo allows free pop services as described here;, I tried this and the account created does allow pop3 service to be enabled.

Lastly, even though you did not ask for this, try this addon for Firefox available here; you may like it.

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I like the third choice, thanks – ntn2002dz Dec 17 '10 at 5:33

If you search for "gmail" in Synaptic you'll see a number of packages for gmail notifiers. Also Prism IIRC can notify from the panel. I've used checkgmail in the past and liked it, but not enough to reinstall it.

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You may also want to look into CloudSn. It's a notifier that runs through your Indicator Applet (or the tray) and connects to gmail, twitter, and POP email accounts.

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There is a package in the repositories called mail-notification. I have only tested it with Hotmail ( and under MATE. I won't say that it works perfectly, but here are some tips for getting connected:

  • Despite there being an option for "Windows Live Hotmail", you should use "POP3" Mailbox type
  • Server: (could change over time)
  • Username: Your full email address
  • Connection: "SSL/TLS on separate port", Port: 995

Hotmail-specific setup guidelines may be found by web-searching for something like "Set up an email app with". You may need to specifically enable POP access in your account.

Alternatively, you could setup a full email client, and hopefully that will include a new-mail notifier. I attempted this with Evolution, and the client is working reasonably well, but the notifier isn't working great (under MATE desktop on Ubuntu 14.04).

Long story short, expect some trial-and-error if you want an email notifier. mail-notification seems to be sort of working for me, but it has been hard to test -- for some reason, the indicator doesn't want to turn on when I expect it to (like a watched pot never boils). Explicitly updating when you know that there is new mail doesn't do the trick -- you just have to wait (for an unspecified period). Also complicating the testing is the error: "Exceeded the login limit for a 15 minute period. Reduce the frequency of requests to the POP3 server" -- if you do too much experimenting.

Other issues with the mail-notification package:

  • Not under active development
  • Doesn't differentiate multiple accounts, or provide any kind of status details

Commentary: I think the mail notification feature has been a "collateral damage" of the recent innovation in desktops (esp. Gnome 3 and Unity). It is not easy to create an email notifier that works with a variety of server types. Combining that with something that works with a variety of desktop environments makes for a huge development headache.

It's a shame though, since this is a very valuable feature.

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Using NetHogs, I just found that mail-notification was using a huge amount of bandwidth, for no apparent reason -- possibly causing me to exceed the allotment from my Internet provider. – nobar Sep 17 '15 at 19:00

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