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Can you people tell me how to edit gedit, please?

I want to change the autosave feature so that it saves every 1 second, I was able to investigate further that I needed gconf-editor so I installed it but when I launched it and went to /apps/gedit-2/preferences/editor/save/auto_save it says:

This key has no schema, so I found this:

but it doesn't work.

I would really like to do this, but, otherwise, what is the best solution?

To change the source code and compile and gedit with autosaves of only 1 second?

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I have to ask, why do you need gedit to save every second?

Gedit's autosave interval seemingly can only be adjusted at a one-minute resolution. I can give you commands to do it on the command line, but you'll still be only able to set a 1-minute autosave timer. 

gsettings set org.gnome.gedit.preferences.editor auto-save true
gsettings set org.gnome.gedit.preferences.editor auto-save-interval 1
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I want to be able to save at 1 second because I am making 2 macros and I need to test them asap, so while I am making changes to 1, I bring the other to gedit and it saves automatically. I used to do that in winxp I used notepad to autosave every 1 second and I'd do it and in here I want to do it also if possible – likewyise Aug 20 '12 at 20:02

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