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long time ago while using ubuntu 10.04 i have install squid server and webmin and never check it. i know that webmin wont work for long time with ubuntu higher level so that why im back using 10.04 at that time. then i try to install ubuntu 12.04 by taking risk its ok without webmin as far squid still work .. i dont check it after install the 1st beta version of 12.04 and now .. i just wondering why it takes so long time to opening some games on fb or loading cnn news page then i try to check and restart also try to install it but i can't get the access to squid.

I try to go from directory

santos@santos:/etc$ cd squid
bash: cd: squid: No such file or directory

here my screenshot enter image description here

how to have squid server for cache internet activity for ubuntu 12.04? are there any other option?

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It has been (re)named to squid3, so the config files are in /etc/squid3/.

You can start it with

service squid3 start
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