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I recently bought a netbook off a friend. It's a Dell Inspiron Mini and originally ran Windows 7. However at some point he installed Ubuntu on it and I do not have the tech savy to use it properly. I want to uninstall this and put Windows back on, however as it is a newbook there is no CD drive to use. What do I do?

Please keep in mind that

-This is not a Dual-boot, the is only Ubuntu on here.

-There is no CD drive.

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This question is not really about Ubuntu at all, it can better be phrased as "how do I install Windows on a laptop with no CD drive". Googling "install Windows from USB" yielded this among others: intowindows.com/…. That said, I'd encourage you to give Ubuntu a try. If you want to do that, and have questions about how to use it, the Ubuntu community will be happy to help you. –  roadmr Aug 20 '12 at 15:57
You can download the media from here and create a boot flash drive following these instructions. Question was closed as offtopic here, you can ask further details and help in the site superuser.com. –  Bruno Pereira Aug 20 '12 at 16:39

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