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The problem is that when I try to change the options from the System Settings from the panel tray it does not change. I removed unity and installed it again but the same problem continues, even after trying unity --reset still the problem persists. Even the icon settings are not persistent, I mean when I close and open they get back to the default (I mean close and again not restarting).

Any help?

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I think I had the same problem, and here’s how I fixed it.

In /etc/dconf/profile, there were two small text files, “gdm” and “user”. “gdm” looked like this:


whereas “user” looked like this:


So, I changed “user” to look exactly like “gdm” (sudo nano /etc/dconf/profile/user will work), restarted, and suddenly, all the settings worked again. So, check to see if you have the files “gdm” and “user”, and see if they look like what I had before. If so, try doing what I did and see if that works. Good luck!

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