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It was working on Gnome Fallback/Classic. But after compiz-manager package installation, I lost Ctrl + shortcut keys, they don't work anymore.

For example, in web browser typing Ctrl+C on some text makes it gray, and don't get it copied. Deleting compiz-manager and reinstalling gnome didn't solve the problem.

However, on Gnome Shell 3 all works fine.

Please, help me to solve this.

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I had a similar issue a little while back, and after going a little crazy I found that it was a small silly issue - I accidentally un-checked the Gnome Compatibility option in the CompizConfig settings manager. The Gnome Compatibility option is what makes Compiz compatible with the Gnome desktop environment. Hope this helps solve your issue :)

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I have Gnome Compatibility box checked all time. Thats doesn't solved my problem. – werasquez Aug 31 '12 at 9:08

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