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I have several apps that use indicators. Always, when I activate a particular app, Hotot for example, a window and indicator appears on my top panel. If I close the app using the x button, the Hotot window closes and minimizes to the top panel. When I click on Hotot from my Launcher (it is locked on my Launcher) instead of simply opening a window it opens a window and another indicator, which doubles the Hotot indicators on my top panel.

Is there a way to stop that? It usually happens with Hotot and JDownloader.

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Unfortunately, this is a problem/bug in those particular applications. When you launch them, they should detect that they are running minimized with an indicator, and simply maximize the running instance. But they don't, and instead start a new copy of the program , with indicator and all.

Unless you want to modify the source code yourself, the best way to get this fixed is to file a bug with the respective application's developers.

In the meanwhile, you should try to remember to use the indicator's menu to show the app once you have started it, instead of clicking on the Launcher shortcut.

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