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I created a Ubuntu one account long time ago, recently, forgetting that, I created another ubuntu one account using a different email address. As a result,I have two set of synced folders and both are different. Is there a way I can merge both?

Thanks, Akshay

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here is what i did. removed the device from my installation in windows, and the wizard started all over, i used the earlier account during the setup. this way, i don't have two separate accounts; however, there is one dummy/dead account which i will never use. – okkhoy Aug 21 '12 at 15:59

Actually while looking at launchpad some where I've seen that we can merge or attach two launchedpad accounts as a single one .

to login ubuntu one you also need to use launched login . so what I'm thinking is if you merge there in lunchpad then with single login you can access both ubuntuone accounts .

give a try .

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This did not help :( – okkhoy Aug 20 '12 at 4:07

If you are talking about Merging Two Ubuntu One accounts , please consider contacting the Support team here and explain in detail what exactly you want.

Alternately ,

As far as merging the Contents is Concerned , just copy the Contents of U1 account File to U2 account Ubuntu one File and sync it to Ub8untu One cloud from your Ubuntu One U2 account Control panel.

Legend : Your earlier Ubuntu one Account = U1 , and current new Ubuntu One account U2.

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