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  1. I keep getting the error: no such device grub rescue, after installing 12.04 (erasing an old 12.04 installation beforehand, but using the old /home mount, from a different HDD)

  2. I have two HDD 80 GB (used for /) and 250 GB (used for /home)

  3. I have tried Boot error > no such device: grub rescue and also using live cd then installing boot-repair, none of them solves the problem.

  4. Details from boot-repair:


  1. I have tried a fresh install several time, and during these times, the two HDD mounted differently. I mean sometimes the 80 GB mounted as sda, sometimes as sdb. is this normal?

  2. Do you good guys at the Ask Ubuntu have any other way?

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  1. Yes this is normal. This random change happens with some computers.

  2. Try inverting the 2 hard disks in the BIOS boot order.

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I think the problem is on the 80gigs HDD. I used the 250 gigs HDD instead and it works like a charm. thanx. – simonsays Aug 22 '12 at 2:48

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