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When I start my libre office presentation, I would like it to go automatically into slide show mode. How can I do so?

[With Microsoft Office you can do this by renaming a presentation to .pps (from .ppt) or .ppsx (from .pptx)]

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As far as I know, Impress does not support that feature. You can only save a presentation as a .odp(presentation) and .otp(template). You can try to visit this site and this site for a possible workaround. –  Peachy Aug 19 '12 at 3:42
Impress does have the option to "Save As" PowerPoint (autoplay) PPS. You can select from the "All Formats" drop-down selection when saving the file –  Stephen Myall Aug 23 '12 at 20:57

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You can also do this using terminal. Open terminal Ctrl+Alt+T and run following command :

libreoffice -show yourfilename.ppt

I wanted to run a presentation looping forever on a notice board but for some odd reasons, pps files were inserting a pause of 10 seconds between last and first slides even if I set the relevant option to 0 sec, whereas odp was working fine.

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