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I've been using Ubuntu to for years now, I'm an EE and love the system. This week I was having trouble with Ubuntu so I decided to do a fresh install parallel with Win XP. The install crashed midstream and now I can not boot at all. I believe all I need to do is repair the grub.cfg file, or maybe another file?

So, I booted from my liveCD and went into the file structure and everything seems intact, However, the grub.cfg file looks like it's a mess. I don't remember how to gain access to GRUB via permissions. I did it once before a year ago.

Any one with any ideas?

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You're an EE? You might be interested in Electrical Engineering – Seth Feb 23 '14 at 4:41

These are the steps I would suggest.

  1. Boot from live CD.
  2. Locate the previous Ubuntu partition and mount it.
  3. chroot into the mounted partition.
  4. Run the grub-install command.

Exact commands may vary depending upon your partitions and directory structure.

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You could just install Ubuntu again. The installer will ask you if you want to overwrite Ubuntu and install alongside Windows; you should choose that option. It will install Grub properly.

If you simply decide to repair Grub now, you will probably wind up with a half-baked Linux installation.

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