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I have created a Shell Script as below

  echo "Hi there"

I also added cron job in cron tab which is under /etc/crontab as below

* * * * * /home/ > /home/Sample.txt

I have created the Sample.txt file in /home/ directory.

I have also checked the permission for read and write for both the file

When I execute the file it works writes in Sample.txt file

Now I don't understand why it is not writing in the Text file from the cron task i scheduled

I am using Ubuntu 10.04

Please Help me in fixing this issue

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You are using the system crontab which has a slightly different format; specifically, the date-time fields must be followed by a user field which tells cron who to run the command that follows as.

So the syntax in this case should be something like:

* * * * * username /home/username/ > /home/username/Sample.txt
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