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I want to use an image as a video stream source in flashplayer, for websites like ustream. Preferably something light on memory/cpu.

From what I've read, xawtv might be able to create a fake vloopback source from a picture?

Thoughts on how to accomplish this?

PS. I know about ws4l, but it is VERY resource heavy for this simple purpose.

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Do you want to make a movie from image files like jpeg? – LnxSlck Aug 27 '12 at 18:07

Parts of this answer comes from: How do I feed Skype a prerecorded video?

Sure you can.

You can use the Webcam Studio, which will allow you to use pre-recorded media, such as images, audio/video, etc. as a source to create a virtual "bridge" between your live streams (webcam, digital cameras/players, etc.) and other media.

I have used this for both Skype and Flash/Web Based Services like Ubiqq ( and Ustream.TV ( As shown in the provided screenshots.

enter image description here

This screenshot shows the usage of the Virtual Video Device from WebcamStudio on ubiqq. Which is a flash/web based video conferencing system.

Webcam Studio will allow you to choose both live and pre-recorded media, and enrich it with effects which includes animations, text, and further more.

Good luck!

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I appreciate your answer, but I put in the description that I am already aware of ws4l. This is not a light resource solution. – Sepero Aug 29 '12 at 14:07

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