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Most of the time I use Guake as terminal emulator. Today I wanted to start a program from gnome-terminal and it tells me that it's not installed currently, although I ran the program a minute ago on Guake.

When I echo $TERM, I get xterm on both, however echo $PATH in gnome-terminal differs. Does anyone know what this is about ?

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It's possible that you modified the $PATH in Guake. If you're able to run the program from Guake, copy $PATH and then use the following command in gnome-terminal:

export PATH=<path copied from Guake>

Now try to run the program. If you want it to remain the same permanently, put the above line in your ~/.bashrc file.

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Yes, the $PATH in Guake was somehow modified, and now after restarting the computer I can not access the program from Guake either. I guess I'll have to figure out which directories to include in $PATH in order to be able to use it. Thank you for your answer. – Maputo Aug 17 '12 at 17:46
So here is what the problem was. The program I was trying to run was (ruby on) rails. When installed, it adds a line in .bash_login file to export path. However, .bash_login is not executed by default by Guake or gnome-terminal, because they don't run commands as a login-shell. In order to set gnome-terminal to run commands as a login-shell, check the Run command as a login shell checkbox at Edit/Profile Preferences/Title and Command. Same goes for Guake. For more on login and non-login shell: – Maputo Aug 17 '12 at 23:22

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