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This plugin is available from gedit-plugins package. Other than what its name and short description are, there are no other helpful info about the plugin usage.

Does anyone know how to use this plugin?

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Activate the commander plugin from Edit -> Preferences ->Plugins Tab, there check the commander plugin.

Now click Edit -> Commander Mode and you'll see a command prompt at the bottom.




Here is an excerpt from the Commander plugin page on Gnome Libraries:

  • See an overview of available commands - Tab + Tab
  • Find a word within the current file - / foo - This will find the word foo.
  • Replace a word within the current file - // foo bar - This will replace foo with bar.
  • Move the cursor to a certain line number in your file - go [line number] or just g [line number]
  • Toggle the bookmark indicator for the current line - bookmark or just b
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I found this article about gedit-commander on the GNOME website; it should be really helpful. The git-hub home of the project also contains further information.

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