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I updated (August 16) Ubuntu 12.04 today and while I admit I didn't look what was being updated, it was large enough to have had an NVidia update in it. Problem is later on when I turned on my laptop again it won't boot into a GUI, just to the terminal (which I don't really know much of how to do anything). Now I have been able to log in and type "startx" to start up the GUI and now its complaining that my NVidia driver (if I remember correctly) is listed as being version 304.(number) and the version installed/found is version 295.(number). I don't know how this happened and now I'm stuck. I have no idea how it happened and don't know how to fix.

Does anyone have any ideas? I have only access to wifi internet and no idea how to log on without the GUI so getting a new NVidia package isn't something I would know how to do even... Any and all help would be highly appreciated.

edit: If it helps, I'm using a ASUS G Series G53JW-A1

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The only way to get the 304 version of the driver is to download it from Nvidia's website, and then do a manual install. Now, the options are: 1.reinstall the 304 driver, or 2.remove it and use the one provided by Ubuntu.

1) To remove everything Nvidia related from the repositories, run

sudo apt-get purge nvidia* && sudo apt-get autoremove

... then run the manual installer you've downloaded from Nvidia.

2) To uninstall the manually installed driver, use the downloaded installer to run

sudo sh NVIDIA* --uninstall


sudo apt-get purge nvidia* && sudo apt-get autoremove

...then reboot, and if you get the GUI, use the Additional Drivers utility. If not, run

sudo apt-get install nvidia-current
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I don't know how to do that though from the terminal and a wireless internet only. I've tried looking up how to log onto a wireless from the terminal with no avail and I have tried to figure out how to mount either another (Windows) partition or USB and still can't. While its great you have made a nice and clear answer that I should be able to follow easily, I am still stuck either downloading and copying the file over from Windows or even just using apt-get with a wireless connection, neither is something I can do at the moment. I would prefer the internet option since apt-get is easy for me – Xatolos Aug 17 '12 at 5:44

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