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KDE 4.8.2

Whenever a notification is displayed or the KDE panel attempts to change the contents of the system tray my system's UI locks up because X is using 100% CPU.

This occurs both when Desktop Effects are enabled and disabled, and it seems to be linked to the Panel System Tray (full panel without system Tray = fine, empty panel with system tray = lock).

Any idea what could be going wrong, or does anyone have a good idea on how to begin troubleshooting this?

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Bringing this back from the dead. It seems to have been related to either an issue with NVidia drivers or (more likely) a failing video card.

There's some pointers in the ArchLinux wiki to use nvidia-settings -a InitialPixmapPlacement=2 which alleviated my issues a little bit, but they always seemed to come back.

Hope this helps.

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