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As far as I can tell, Mail Merge (as well as data sources) is broken in OpenOffice on 10.04. There is no View | Data Sources menu option, and the shortcut for Data Sources F4 does nothing.

In addition the Mail Merge Wizard doesn't allow any 'Address Book' to actually be added (the OK button is never enabled).

Also, Add Database File... on the Database tab of Insert | Fields | Other (Ctrl+F2) is not working.

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(While composing the question, I stumbled across the solution; however, it didn't turn up in my original search results, so I figured posting it may be helpful to others.)

This bug report has the solution:

I found the problem: Apparently 8.04 doesn't install OpenOffice base alongside writer and calc. After installing the Install package (plus dependencies), the problems disappeared.

Seems what was true for 8.04 is still true in 10.04.

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