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I am trying Lubuntu on an old laptop. I have before and after the install I had two partitions (+swap) mounting on / and on /home. When I did the Lubuntu install I told it to ignore the /home partition. After the Lubuntu install I logged in and everything appeared OK.

I mounted the /home partition as /hold.old. Then I copied all the files from /home to /home.old. Then for each user I chown'ed the stuff in /home.old. Then I edited /etc/fstab to mount the /home partition. Then I renamed /home. Then I rebooted.

All my old files are where I expected them in the /home filesystem. But my LXDE menu system is messed up. Instead of the full menu system I only have terminal and logout. I thought that most of the menu system lived in /usr/share. But, apparently LXDE has some menu stuff in /home that I did not get copied over correctly.

Is there a quick way to restore the default LXDE menu system? Can you point some documentation that would be good for learning the sysadmin level workings of LXDE?

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Did you copy all the hidden directories (beginning with "."). cp -a should do that. – txwikinger Aug 9 '10 at 13:52
Yup, forgot the -a on the cp. – rschuler Aug 10 '10 at 14:07
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Just show all the hidden files using CTRL+H and then copy EVERYTHING. The configuration will be in /home somewhere. In a hidden file there could be alot of configurations. Especially in .config .

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