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What is the minimum number of nodes required to setup a functioning cloud as described in this tutorial:

I just want to run some tests and I don't have 10 computers lying around to do so. Is it possible to use 2-3 nodes(+1 for the MAAS server)?

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Each time juju deploy is called it starts a new machine. Also, juju bootstrap reserves a machine to start up zookeeper.

So it looks like that example needs about 9 nodes.

Since you don't have 10 machines, you could do the simple example here.

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That link to the simple example is ... well not quite dead but not exactly leading to any example :-) –  guntbert Jan 17 '13 at 19:42

You can use juju-jitsu to set the same in 6 machines.

In this case, glance and dashboard goes on same machine as keystone and rabbitmq-server goes along with mysql server. Thus you save 3 machines.


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