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I'm trying to run a FPS game on wine called Vicinity but once the game starts, I can't move the mouse and when I go to the menu the mouse works (in the menu only). I searched but I didn't find a solution that works for me :( I have the same problem with another FPS game called OffensiveCombat. The mouse works in the menu but don't in game.

Someone can help me please? Thank you in advance :)

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This is more of a bug similar to this one: and this one:

It affects multiple games where, it works in the menu or in a particular part of the game but not when playing it.

Some suggest to install playonlinux:

For some games it works perfect with playonlinux, for others, in the example I mentioned do not.

I suggest to first search here for the game:

Then the Wine forums or Ubuntu forums. Also make sure you are using the Wine PPA since this one is more up to date. For more information see How to Install and Configure Wine

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Thank you very much it worked with Playonlinux :) The last post here helped me a lot. Thanks again. – Floufen Aug 16 '12 at 6:05

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