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How can I use perl 5.12 on Ubuntu 10.10? There is no distribution package on Ubuntu.

I have to use feature 'unicode_strings'; in my perl code, and this is available from 5.12. I try to install perl on Ubuntu by apt-get install perl, but 5.10 is the latest version.

How can I deal with this? Or is there any code in 5.10 can replace the code feature 'unicode_strings';?


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I suggest that you should install two version of Perl side by side, because the default 5.10 is a critical part of the system itself, packages are depend on it, a big upgrade to it is not a good idea.

If you want to install Perl 5.16.1 from Larry, you could get the tarball from . Extract it, you could find a file named "INSTALL" which include installation steps. Basically, sh Configure make make test make install

If you want ActivePerl 5.14.2 , you could get it from: . Extract it, and sh .

Beware to set the install directory to some place in which you have write permission and not to replace the system's 5.10.

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