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I am writing an app which has a button that, when clicked, should launch a Gwibber entry widget. This used to work, as suggested on the tutorial:

from gi.repository import GwibberGtk
entry = GwibberGtk.Entry()

But now it doesn't anymore on my computer. I encountered the error ImportError: cannot import name GwibberGtk. So, as suggested here, I installed gir1.2-gwibber-0.2 and I changed the first line of my code into

from gi.repository import Gwibber

But the problem is that this "Gwibber" object has no "Entry" method. What should I use to create an entry widget as before ? Will the method you advice me be compatible on computers on which my app will be distributed ?

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GwibberGtk is correct, you need gir1.2-gwibber-gtk-0.2

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