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I am really going crazy here , I tried many times to install Ubuntu 12.4 on my Asus from a usb(don't have a working cd drive) and every time the installation process goes perfectly smooth until it asks me to reboot to finish the installation process and then keaboom I reboot nothing is there but a black dos screen talking about errors and asking me to put my win7 (which I loathe more than anything in this life)

so what did I do wrong , does Asus a42f doesn't accept 32bit version which I am trying to install ?

or I have to install Ubuntu along with win7 ? although there is a choice to install Ub and get rid of win7 ?

I really need some serious help to install it step by step please Thank u very much for your time ?

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Can your computer run from a USB? If yes, then press Delete or Esc or F12 then look for the part that say boot from device or something like that and then press F10 to save that settings then it should boot from the USB, if your computer can boot from USB.

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clearly no one else on the internet has a Asus K42F I've been trying to solve this problem myself just now, I've spent 35min trying to get it to work. mostly reading peoples attempts at helping people with this. this is all i can find. every one says f2,f8,f12,f10 none of it helps and this is why

its Press DEL to enter Bios for this particular laptop (only half the people suggest DEL) the first screen that's ment to show some form of instructions like f12=bios is just an Asus logo the rest is blank, no one seems to get this bit, the start up screen is useless.

once you get into bios it doesn't get any easier. the 3rd tab is Boot configuration. i assume you will find the same thing i do, only a single hard drive as a boot option.

all you have to do is change the boot order in there, don't worry about inventing the usb boot option, i tried that, its done just as well if you go in and just change the order in priorities. its actually much simpler than i first thought it was, yet still more of a pain than every other computer I've used in the last 20 years.

the K42F is just special but not in a good way.

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