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I am trying to test some network properties with a (partially self written) tool chain. As I would like to use one device with two WLAN adapters / interfaces, I have to prevent communication over the loopback interface and create real network traffic. The test inspects functionality, including ping, arp, multicast etc.

How do I force process 1 to use interface wlan1 only and process 2 the interface wlan2? I guess, this is a job for some magic iptables rules set?

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serverfault.com/questions/127636/… –  bain Dec 7 '14 at 17:23

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There seems to be a way developed by Daniel Ryde, which uses a self developed c-programm, which tells the dynamic linker to first load all libs into the process you want to run and then add some more ontop of it.

This explanation at Superuser.com and this discussion on Daniel Lange's blog may be helpful, but is there really no way to do it with the Ubuntu/Linux build-in tools?

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