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I am running Ubuntu 12.04 from my usb drive in persistence mode. I haven't installed it. Where do the apps downloaded or files created in libre office get stored? On the pen drive itself?

Thank in advance.

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They are indeed installed on the pendrive. The casper-rw file resides on the pen drive's file system. From what I have seen it is usually an MS FAT file system of some kind. The casper-rw file, itself, is a block of disk space, formatted as a Linux EXT file system--so it's a file system within a file system. To see inside when you aren't running Ubuntu from the pen drive you have to set up a loopback device and then mount it.

casper-rw file -> loopback device -> mounted file system of changed and new files

casper-rw is mounted in a way that when you read a file, if it is on casper-rw you read it, if not you read it from the read-only files on the pen drive. If you write to the boot drive while it's booted, the file is written the the casper-rw file system. Therefore the casper-rw file system contains only new or changed files.

Unless you set up the loopback device and mount it you can't see the files you have changed.

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Yes, they are stored on the pendrive itself. I'm not sure in which directories are the files stored, but you can always use the find command.

See the man page of find command, it is a very powerful command, and can be confusing at first. As a simple example, to search for a file named newfile.txt in `/home/user/abc' the following command can be used:

find /home/user/abc -iname "newfile.txt"

Note that find can take quite a time to complete the search, therefore it is preferred that you narrow down the path, where you want to search for, as much as possible.

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