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I use Netscan softwar to search the available computers with the shared items in microsoft windows. I could give it an IP address range and it retured the available IP address.

In ubuntu is there such a way to scan the network ?

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There is a command line utility for that, nbtscan Install nbtscan , it's available from the repositories.

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thank you for your answer. – munir Dec 15 '10 at 15:39

nmap! It's the definitive tool for network discovery (among other things).You can install it from the repositories using sudo apt-get install nmap. After that, you can execute nmap to reveal services on your subnet, assuming you are on the subnet. For a more detailed report, you can type sudo nmap -sS -O

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Netscan (for windows) is a very handy tool for browsing lan. There is a similar application for linux too, named ---ShareScanner (netscan for linux). You can download it from:

The site contains 32 and 64 bit debian and rpm packages for easy installation. It is actually a gui for smbclient.


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AngryIP Scanner

There is no question about it. It's much closer to netscan and not in beta like sharescanner.

I just had the same question, and tried all out by now.

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oh, yes... Angry IP Scanner is in beta too for ubuntu x64, but it works. sharescanner unfortunately returns nothing to me and has less features. – bmr Jan 12 '13 at 16:25

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