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My DVD drive is not working properly and I had formatted Linux partition while upgrading. It fails due to media error and Im thinking the grub file is deleted perhaps. I have Windows 7 as other OS.

Tell me how to boot from Windows 7 without using DVD and with help of grub rescue?

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Please avoid using SMS writings. – Web-E Aug 14 '12 at 6:37

It is not possible to boot windows from grub rescue prompt. Grub rescue contains very few commands which allow you to load modules (e.g. from a grub rescue disk).

So you need a bootable medium. If you have access to any other system build a bootable usb of windows 7 media or other boot cds like BartPE, Hirens boot CD or may be use boot-repair-disk

Boot using windows 7 media/ boot-repair-disk and perform startup repair.

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