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I need something that does repeat dates (like in outlook) so I can put my weekly schedule in and color code it. I have not found anything yet.

I used to use thunderbird for the mail side of things, but wasn't that keen. I am now using Sylpheed for mail, but it is a little too limited for what I want, so I am hoping there is something else about.

Running lubuntu 12.04

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Maybe Claws Mail would would work for you? Sylpheed was forked from Claws a while ago but Claws is still around and has many plugins such as vCalendar. I also installed Claws to check it out and it's interface is very similar to Sylpheed and is also just as light (certainly much lighter than Tbird). It also auto-migrates your Sylpheed settings at install.

Claws Mail:

Install via the software center


Install via the software center

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Just the thing. Thanks – Magpie Aug 19 '12 at 4:32

Well I use Thunderbird with the Lightning add-on. It works great for me.

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It works, well, worked for me... until the recent version 15 that is slow as hell and hangs for at least 10 seconds each launch. – Greg Sep 10 '12 at 21:02

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