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This should be a simple question. I am unable to save any images I render in blender.

I set the output to be /home/john/Pictures/binary.png, the image type to PNG, and checked the "File Extensions" box.

Then when I press f12 (Or Render > Render Image), there is nothing new in my pictures folder.

I've tried running blender using graphical root (gksu), and it still wont let me save anything.

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You have to manually save renders.

  • First you start with a scene you want to render. Example

  • After setting up your image settings, hit f12 to Render.

  • Now you will get a rendered image in your viewport (under the UV/Image editor). Rendered image

  • However, this image is not saved automatically.

  • To save it, you need to click on the image menu: Image menu button

  • And you will get the option to save the image: Menu Saving thingy

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try save the image as copy :) ( Save as Copy ) friendly Anteas

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