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I was wondering if there is an application that can tell us (in an easily understandable in a chart) how healthy our hard disc is. If the boot sector is healthy...etc.


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If you click on dash and then type disc, you will get a disc management tool, called Disk Utility, that shows you that and more.

Disk utility is tools for formating, partitioning, and manage harddrive or removable storage such flash drive/disk drive.

Ubuntu disk utility can do following activity:

  1. Benchmark Harddrive and Removable Device

Utility to check how fast your storage to read and write data, you can use this utility to compare a performance form one to another.

  1. Smart Data Self test

Smart data would check and show us the disk healty using attribute and its assessement. using his utility we can llook after harddrive temperature and bad sectors.

  1. Mount/unmount device This utility is for mount and unmount device.

  2. Check and repair filesystem Utility for check and repair file system, some activity may cause lost of data, especialy for this action please backup your data

  3. Edit Partition Edit partition is for resize partition, change a file system type, marge a multiple partition.

  4. Format Partiton This action is for clean all partition table and schema in a partition then make a new one.

  5. Edit File System Label, and This action is for rename a partition name or lable.

8.Delete Partition This action is for delete a partition table.

The best info about Disc Utility in my opinion can be found here

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It's called Disk Utility. It's very useful, especially since it lets you quickly and easily see the SMART info for the discs. – adempewolff Aug 13 '12 at 22:43

You can always give GSmartControl from the repositories a spin. It'll run both short & long tests built into the drive, also displays SMART info.

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