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actually what are the High RAM eaters in Ubuntu server , is there any such things ? I just want to know . If there , i want to remove them because i need to save RAM . I will use Different servers (3-4) and each one going to have its specific application .so remaining all services i don't want to run.

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Use the top command. From within top, press O (that's shift + the letter o), then n, then press Enter - it will now be sorted by memory usage

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You can just press Shift+M without going into the options menu, to get the same result, btw. :) – dobey Aug 13 '12 at 18:17

It usually depends on what you are running exactly. Basic apache, postgres, or other services don't really use a lot of RAM not doing anything. But if you have very large databases, and poorly written/designed web pages, which are getting loaded constantly, then those services can start consuming more and more resources.

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