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I installed Ubuntu using USB (pen drive).

The first time, I could not download all updates. "Restart now" is displayed, so I restart my computer while still connected to the USB drive.

After restart, it normally booted Windows 7. No boot screen message to choose which OS to boot (Windows or Ubuntu).

I am still able to run Ubuntu after I connect my USB drive.

Please tell me, how can I solve this problem?

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Make sure that your thumb drive is unplugged from your computer when you boot.

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You installed grub in Usb drive , do one thing , boot to Ubuntu when usb Drive is plugged on , then after booting to Ubuntu remove the usb drive then install grub to /dev/sda/ via

sudo grub-install /dev/sda and then

sudo update-grub.

P.S. : Assuming windows is first partition and your hard drive is defined as sda .

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Change the boot order of your PC from the bios setup. So that it does not boot from the USB automatically when it is plugged in.

For now, remove the USB drive and boot the system.

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