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GEdit can make backups of files that have already been saved once.

But can it make backups of files that I have just created, and not saved yet?
Those files are typically shown as "Untitled Document 1" etc.

Motivation: I often create new text files to quickly write a phone number or something, and Ubuntu 2012.04 crashes quite often, so I end up loosing information sometimes.

If GEdit can not do this, is there a similar, fast-to-start program that has this feature?

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GEdit can not do that, unfortunately.

The closest is Scribes, which has this feature enabled by default.

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There are several webapps that can easily do the trick, like Google Docs.

If you don't want the online applications, then you can write anything in vim. If you are editing the file filename.ext and the computer crashes, you'll still have a swap file named .filename.ext.swp.

Please note that the dot(.) before the file name means that the file is hidden. To see the file in the file browser, you'd have to press Ctrl+H.

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