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Due to my job on my localhost I have a lot (think 50+) sites running, these are for about 8 different clients,

I want to organise my sites into subfolders.

I tried putting my sites in subfolders e.g.


But using any combination of:

a2ensite client1/first-site
a2ensite first-site

says the site does not exist.

If I use:

a2ensite client1

then I can enable/disable the entire directory, but that's not really what I want..

Is this feasible? or will I have to manually create the symlinks? if so is there a function I can use as a replacement for a2ensite that will handle subfolders?

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No, you can't. Consider an organization like this:


So you can enable them without creating symlinks manually.

An useful link about multiple Virtual Host

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