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Can somebody help me create a attachment with question mark in file name (test?.doc or test?.pdf) and attached to domino doc server and send me the 2 NSFs?

i need to test whether at the OS window side, will the attachment file name change to underscore - (test_.doc or test_.pdf) at Window Domino doc server.

Thanks in advance.

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Open a terminal with Alt-Ctl-T, verify you are in your home directory, and enter the command:

touch a\?file

the file a?file should now be in your home directory

You should be able to manipulate it with an Ubuntu GUI program.

Alternatively you can make a file called something.doc and rename it in a terminal with:

mv something.doc something\?.doc

I was able to make such a file with an editor, rename it, and open it with LibreOffice Writer.

From there you will need to create the note storage file your self or find someone who is running domino to help you.

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