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I'm a new user guessing I messed something up on install or while I've been messing around. This message keeps popping up and seems to be the root of a few problems I'm having.

What kind of problem is it? I'd like to know if you know. And of course how can I fix it?

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I've been searching and found this page.

  1. Open the terminal and type:

    sudo blkid | grep swap

    It will show something like:

    /dev/mapper/cryptswap1: UUID="6afe8dec-350c-424e-b902-18e7a6a0f227" TYPE="swap"
  2. Copy 6afe8dec-350c-424e-b902-18e7a6a0f227 and type this command:

    sudo gedit /etc/fstab
  3. Replace this code and delete the # at first Line.


    #UUID=0a69433c-52f7-40a4-8baa-71ac1ae1cb07 none  swap sw   0   0


    UUID=6afe8dec-350c-424e-b902-18e7a6a0f227 none   swap sw   0   0
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I have the same problem. I get a new error now saying that the partition by the name of the copied UUID could not be mounted. – H3R3T1K Sep 17 '13 at 9:07

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