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I think it may be related to this bug, but I'm not sure. I took a picture of the kernel panic with my phone, and here's the (I think) interesting part of the panic:

Kernel panic - not syncing: Fatal exception in interrupt
Pid: 3003, comm: Xorg Tainted: P    D W  O 3.2.0-29-generic #46-Ubuntu
Call Trace:
panic occurred, switching back to text console

Does anyone know how to troubleshoot this, or add value to an existing bug report?

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I've found a work-around for this issue.

  1. Downgrade xorg-input-edev from 2.7.0 -> 2.6.99. I utilized the instructions on this page[1].
  2. Open Ubuntu's display program (System Settings->Displays) and move the left screen to the right; apply changes.
  3. Move the right screen back to the left.

I have no idea what bug I'm sneaking around, so I hope this is fixed in xorg-input-edev 7.1.

1 -

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