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I installed unity packages from the software center, and after that some promblems started at the normal desktop session.

I unistalled the unity packages and now in desktop session, compiz crashes, indicators crash...

I need help to reinstall the desktop session normally.

How i reinstall the ubuntu 10.10 desktop clean whitout format?

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Someone else "may" have issue with this, but you could see if this make a difference.

mv ~/.config ~/ and
mv ~/.gconf ~/

logout| in.

NOTE: This WILL reset all your gnome panels!

If you don't get any better, just mv them back.

mv ~/ ~/.config
mv ~/ ~/gconf

Logout| in.

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it works but not at all. i also find how eo reinstall indicators, with synaptic i installed "indicator-applet-complete". But i still have the problem to activate compiz. – acousticjacob Dec 15 '10 at 9:55

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