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I set 5.1 on the sound options under Ubuntu, but I don't get centerbox and subwoofer output when I click to the test buttons (soundspeakers grafiks).

When I work under Win 7 every speakers works properly.

How can I improve or check my drivers of Ubuntu? Is there a Driver from Alsa I can use it to get work all speakers (5.1) under Ubuntu?

Please HELP, I don't have knowledge on Ubuntu quite well.

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Welcome Paul, Have a look at this Q&A it might help you. We will probably need more details to help you more… – stephenmyall Aug 12 '12 at 1:55
Yes I have but it does not help me, thanks at all. – Paul Aug 12 '12 at 9:39

I had the same problem. In my case was solution very simply. Centerbox and subwoofer output was muted only (this was the default state after Ubuntu 12.04 installation). That's why I don't get centerbox and subwoofer output when I click to the test buttons.

Open Terminal and run the command alsamixer. Find your SB card (key F6) and check if the columns “Surround” and “Center/L” are set to OO (MM = mute). It has to be set to OO if you want to hear output. You can turn on or mute selected output by pressing M.

Tip: Change Terminal help from F1 to some other key. Only then F1 would be assigned as a shortcut for Help for alsamixer.

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