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I have a Dell 1815dn printer and a laptop with Ubuntu 12.04.

Ubuntu recognizes the printer automatically and installs a default driver. But this driver lacks the option to bypass the toner-saver function which is very important for me since some times I want no toner-saver function as I need more contrast.

I have a propietary .ppd file from Dell that I have been using in past Ubuntu releases, and even currently in another computer with Ubuntu 12.04. But now I don't now how to force Ubuntu to skip the default driver and load and use instead the one I have (for some reason I got Ubuntu to ask me for the .ppd in the other computer, now I don't now how).

Any help on how to do this?

My prefered solution would be that the GUI asks me for the .ppd I have and load it, as I always have done. Another solution would be to know the folder in which I need to put the propietary .ppd file and know how to force Ubuntu to use it.



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  • Open "Printers" from the menu (up, right), where you can can shutdown your computer;
  • Right click on your Dell 1815dn printer;
  • Left click on "Properties";
  • In the default pane ("Parameters"), click on the "Modify" button for "Make and model";
  • There, select the option "Providing a PPD file";
  • Click on "Next";
  • Follow the rest of the wizard.
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Solved: (I found the solution here…) To bring the dialog box that was present in past releases, in a terminal put: $ system-config-printer – AlexN Aug 12 '12 at 10:59

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